Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FOTD: Orange and Nude

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I'm not dead, I have just been a terrible blogger. And as usual, I blame both work and the fact that watching anime gets pretty addicting! I have been keeping my makeup quite minimal because of my job (and maybe you also noticed that my blue hair was quite short-lived!). I have been playing around with some of the new makeup I purchased recently and today I used the Maybelline The Nudes palette to create this eye look. I paired it with a very summery orange lip, Lime Crime's 'My Beautiful Rocket' lipstick~! I love pairing neutral eye looks with bright lip colors and Lime Crime lipsticks are always my go-to lipsticks for bright lips.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Series Challenge: League of Legends

Greetings from the Dark Side!
For an introduction of this Series Challenge, go HERE. Otherwise, welcome to another month of my challenge series! This month's theme will be: League of Legends!  For weekly dates and inspiration pictures, keep reading!
*Every person can do one look per inspiration (so a maximum total of three looks per month). 
*Share your weekly look  by the end of each week on my Facebook Page, my Twitter, and/or by email ( You can do eye makeup, full-face makeup, or nails!

                                                                 Inspiration Pictures                                                                
 *These are not my photos. You can use the photos I will be using for inspiration or you can use a different photo of the same character if you wish.

Week 1:  Goth Annie

Week 2: Jinx

Week 3: Mercenary Katarina

                                                                   Contest Giveaway Prize                                                       
At the end of the month, all of you who have participated in the challenge will have a chance to win this: a $20-30 gift certificate of the store of your choice. 

*Share your looks  by the end of each week on my Facebook Page, my Twitter, and/or by email ( You can do eye makeup, full-face makeup, or nails!

First Impression: Milani Bella Eyes Gel Eyeshadows

I'm throwing another First Impression post your way because I actually did a bit of hauling this past week. I've heard quite a lot of things about these new Milani Bella Eyes Gel Eyeshadows so I had to try them out for myself. The name is not only really long but also a bit weird. Are they powder or gel eyeshadows? Let's find out! Here are my first thoughts on two shades I picked up as well as some swatcharoos of both shades.

Monday, July 7, 2014

First Impression: Maybelline 'The Nudes' Palette

I recently found this new drugstore palette from Maybelline and I was really excited to pick it up! I don't own the Naked or Naked2 palettes so I wanted to try this version of a nude palette. I have my first impression as well as some swatches in this post for you guys, and I will also be posting some eye looks using this palette in future posts ^_^ Has anyone else tried this palette out?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kill La Kill Series: Fight Club Mako

"Winning at friendship means winning at life!"

Mankanshoku Mako is by far my favorite character from Kill la Kill! She is so randomly awesome and cute! However, for a few moments in the serious we got to see her as a badass member of the Fight Club with her Two-Star goku uniform (the best uniform by far IMO). I loved seeing her in her goku uniform because she totally reminds me of some delinquent yakuza-ish anime character. Instead of doing something too neutral and cuteish, I decided to do a neutral look with a pop of blue, red, and a bit of black. This is a easy way to wear color AND it totally doubles as a subtle 4th of July look!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekly Favorites #5

If you have not noticed, I've been pretty lazy as far as posting makeup tutorials and reviews on my blog. I have been really minimal with my everyday makeup, which explains why I haven't posted many reviews. I have been sticking to foundation, powder, mascara, and a bit of lipstick/gloss for the past weeks; nothing too exciting as far as makeup is concerned. This week I stuck to the same routine for the most part but I changed up a few of my products. For starters, I purchased a new CC cream, the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream. I heard really great things about this CC cream on Youtube videos and I decided to pick it up at Ulta for a hefty $38. So far, I really like it but we will see if it lives up to its hype. While picking up this CC Cream, I saw the IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Primer. I remember hearing great things about this one too so I got it as well (damn Youtube making me want to buy stuff!). I've used it a few times this week and, holy cow this stuff is great! This is awesome for people who want a non-white mascara primer that makes the lashes look freaking amazing. I am really starting to like IT Cosmetics! These are my first two products from this brand and so far I have great impression!

Besides the two new makeup products, I started using two other products that were already in my collection: the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in 'Diffused Light' and the NYX Butter Gloss in 'Merengue'. I stopped using 'Diffused Light' for some time because I completely forgot about it, but I fell in love with it again this week. This is a great setting powder for yellow-toned skin as well as a beautiful subtle highlighter. This is really pricey, but the product is amazing and the packaging is superb. I also starting using one of my least used NYX Butter Glosses in 'Merengue' and I can't believe I haven't used it more. It is a cool pink with lavender undertones that looks really good on my skin tone. All NYX Butter Glosses are beautiful and I love them so much ♥ I used this shade in my latest tutorial.

My last favorite of the week is actually not a makeup product, it's a book! And not just any book, it is the newest addition to my Tolkien collection! This is the translation of Beowulf by J.R.R. Tolkien and now published by his son Christopher. I really liked Beowulf back in high school and it is really great to read it again~ I am really excited to read this classic piece and have translations and comments from Tolkien. It's also so fascinating reading one of the things that basically inspired Tolkien to begin to create his own myths and stories, which basically lead to him creating what we know as Middle-Earth today!

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kill la Kill Series: Harime Nui

"All memories are lost the moment a girl changes her underwear.

Ah, Harime Nui. You were a delightfully bat-shit crazy character in Kill la Kill. Without giving any spoliers, I'll say to not let her cute appearance and demeanor fool you. She is insanely cute, and insanely...well, for a lack of a better term, insane. She was a very refreshing character and I enjoyed seeing her scenes because she has a hilarious personality! For this look, I wanted to do something kind of cute, but also a little edgy and fun (just like her!). And for the fun of it, I decided to add her signature purple eye patch ( it is in the shape of the Japanese katakana character for the sound "nu" and "i" combined, cleverly forming her name). It is so wearable (note: sarcasm)! I'm totally going to work like this xD

Not my image.